24 July 2013

20 June 2013

Cycling Habits

I read an article earlier this year by Bill Stickland called Road Sines.  The article spoke to the love of some of the simpler aspect of cycling.  But what struck me is how we all do certain things on our bike that are simply a function of habit.  I am sure you have some habits or superstitions you follow when you ride. Most cyclist place their glasses over their helmet straps.  Some don’t (WC---I’m looking at you)

 Some you might be even be aware of.  For me, I always inflate my rear tire first.  Every time.  Don’t ask me why, but it just feels wrong to inflate my front tire first.  From which foot is your chocolate foot, to how you interact with drivers, to how you wave to other cyclists (or don’t!)..your habits are just as much a part of how you ride as your equipment or fitness.


11 June 2013

2013 M4 Ride Details

Tjhe 2013 M4 ride is open for registration and shirt orders.  Go to M4Ride.Blogspot.com for more information.  Follow the ride on twitter @M4Ride

16 May 2013

Doug Dresses up as WU

Doug, the M4 ride mascot has put on a WU costume to celebrate the Shockers Final Four run.  Then he went on a bike ride.

Air Cap Update

From the KSS website:

There is drainage work going on in the ditch and culverts next to the Air Cap trail.

From Lee: We have asked the City to divert the water coming into the park on the east side. To do that we needed to close the south east end of the park. It will be rebuilt after the new ditch is made. There is a bit if damage now but it will be better in the long run.

KSS updates

The Kansas Singletrack website is going though a major update.  There are no cosmetic changes, but major overhauls in content.  This includes updates to membership info, trail updates, new links (this site and the VitaminG site are linked), newsletters, a blog for posting information.  In short, it will be updated and revelant going forward. 

The club itself has also been reorganized with a new president.  The biggest accomplishment to date is the Air Cap.  The ribbon cutting is this Saturday from 10am-noon at the trail head.  Riders are encouraged to attend. The Park Dept and local press with be there to cover the event. 

If you aren't a member but ride the trails, I would encourage you to join the club. It's $25 and all the money goes for trail work.  I recently updated the signs at Miller's using club money.  Also, the machines and supplies needed to work Air Cap and expand Miller's over the fall were paid for with club money.  Join at http://www.kssingletrack.com/Membership

Here are the latest Miller's updates from the KSS site:
April: Over the course of 3 days, 5 KSS members spent over 20 hours expanding the trail. Roughly a quarter mile of singletrack was spliced into the existing trail on the east section. The entire loop is now just over 5 miles. In addition, wood mile markers were custom made by Aaron Santry and installed for both directions.

1.  New "Helmets Required" sign
2.  New sign directing Runners to run opposite of bike traffic
3.  Weather proof brochure holder with KSS membership form and trail guide
4. No Motorcycle/ATV signs posted at two entrances
5. No offroad vehicles or off roading signs also posted at two entrances.
6. New sign post driven with a "NO:  Trail closed when wet or muddy" sign posted.

Here are the latest Air Cap Trail updates from the KSS site:
April:   KSS members have been working with the Wichita Park Department for over a decade to open Pawnee Prairie Park to bicycle traffic. In a comprise, a new trail is set to open exclusively for mountain bikes,

This new west side trail is a joint venture between Lee’s Bike Shop, KSS, and the Wichita Park Dept. The trail has been cut and is currently can be ridden, but has not been marked yet. The official opening ceremony is just a few weeks away. The trail is located at Seville and West Kellogg Drive, near Kellogg and Maize.

May:  Lee led a crew of 10-15 workers on April 28th to clean up the front loop. Please join us on May 18th from 10am-noon for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The Park Dept and local media will be in attendance. We need as many people there as possible.