28 May 2010

Great Ride

It was a wonderful day for a ride.  A little wind and plenty of sunshine.  My goals were to attack all climbs at  a 60-70 cadence and to keep an 18.0 mph average speed.  I came in at 18.3 and feel wonderfully exhausted.

Beautiful Weather

It looks to be a beautiful day for a ride today. Yesterday I was just back from a 20 miler when the rain hit. I rode out on East Pawnee to Andover road and did Climbing intervals, keeping my cadence between 60-70 up each climb. I am looking forward to a good long ride this weekend.

27 May 2010

I will survive

Climbing is definitely not something that I am good at. I'm 6 foot 3 and 190 lbs. Never will I hear "Hey look it's #3, the angel of the mountains." Like most people, if we are honest with ourselves, we don't necessarily "climb" anything. We merely point our wheels to the top of the next rise, knowing full well that the distance is finite. We survive. I've grown tired of that attitude within myself.

Rode 50 on Wednesday, an extended Latham loop. The title links to my route

Cycling Jerseys

I admit it. I like loose fitting clothing. I hate being restricted in my shoulders and arms. Thus, most of shirts and jerseys are too big and hang too low. This is most evident in my cycling jerseys. I ride mostly in Cannondale XLs, which have nice roomy shoulders, but hang past my butt to the point where I sit on the tails. This creates an even bigger problem when I have my pockets stuffed full of power bars, tools, and such. #3 and Wes said as much on Sunday's ride. Thus, I have dug up a few of my slimmer fitting jerseys from Nike, Take 6, and Pearl in an effort to find something that doesn't make me look like a cycling hobo........


25 May 2010

(Lack of) Reason

The three of us had been out for quite awhile, about an hour and a half. Finally had the wind to our backs and we were flyin'. Got to the crest of the River Valley Road hill. There is usually water flowing at the bottom but as I passed I noticed the high water sign was down. I punched it hitting 25 mph before realizing more water was flowing than usual. My only resort was to accelerate, praying to make it. I did not. My bike and I were swept under by the current and dragged about 8 feet. I couldn't kick the bike off because my foot was caught by the head tube. When I was able to kick the bike off my ankle wrapped up in the cable housing. I swam hard against the current until I was able to put one foot down. WC pulled me out when I finally got my footing.

Just a glimpse of your own mortality will dramatically affect your life. You stop beating yourself up about that coke you had. The cheeseburger comes with an no afterthought of nutritional value. Forgetting your computer when you go riding just doesn't seem that important. The little boy running around your house gets hugged just a bit tighter. Your wife never looked more beautiful.


Epic Ride

What made Sunday’s (23May10) ride an epic wasn’t the heat, the distance, or the pace, it was the swim. I’ll let #3 and Wesley Crusher (Brent’s new nickname) fill in the details. Here are some photos:

Brent and #3 search for #3's bike

Brent flips off the "Danger: High Water" sign that had fallen over and we missed.
Not quite sunflowers......
Brent ruins a great photo


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