27 June 2010

A long day after a good ride

I felt wonderful after today's ride. When I got home, Ian and I spent 5 hours under the '57 pulling out the fuel tank and replacing the fuel line.

22 June 2010

Idiot Driver

Was on 13th yesterday, out by the cemetery. I was passed in the far
left lane by a slow driving, old, 1970's truck pulling a 20 trailer
full of brush. Once the trailer was even with me, the truck crossed
both lanes of traffic and pulled into the cemetery causing me to lock
up the brakes and yell at the open window. Several cars behind both of
us had to brake quickly. Keep your head on a swivel.

21 June 2010

The Beautiful Flinthills

I found a great route north of Beaumont on Saturday. It was very hot out and I had some problems with the heat. If it was cooler it would have been a great ride. It is about a 33 mile loop.

I don't think you can get much more minimum maintenance and still have a road.

20 June 2010

New Name?

Should we rename the site?



19 June 2010

"If ya ain't first--you're last!" Ricky Bobby

Hooked up the Burley to the Surly, hey that rhymes. Took Dylan down near the art museum to watch some unsanctioned match sprints. The coordinator came to me and asked if I would race in the freewheel category since they only had one rider. I unhooked the Burley and lined up at the start line. Won my heat by 5 seconds over 2 other riders. One is 16 years younger than me, the other won the first Alley-Cat race last year. Dylan was there with a marigold for my trophy. Never have I raced before, should I just retire undefeated?

Update June 21st: Photos are up just click the title!

11 June 2010

Latham loop

I rode out by Latham this afternoon. There are some nice tough climbs on the roads there and they were only made tougher by the strong south wind today. The nice thing is that there is a lot of nice scenery to distract yourself from the discomfort.

09 June 2010

Out and Back

Today's ride started in Lindsborg, KS. Leaving from a gas station, employees graciously allowed me to park, I rode to Roxbury, KS. Now there really is nothing in Roxbury, it is just a convenient place to turn around. Mostly because the pavement ends one mile up the road. The ride is all hills going up and coming down. Climbing back into Lindsborg is less of a grind so it wound up being about 4 minutes faster. Halfway into the ride to Roxbury was a set of hills I can only describe as the stairs. They went up and flattened out 5 times before you got a really good downhill. Further on about 3/4 to Roxbury there is one huge mother of a hill. This thing took me all the way to the 25t at about 11mph. Going down was a hoot because the other side is just as steep as the climb. Signage is super out here, every mile there is a clearly numbered street sign so you can keep track of exactly where you are going. Start out at 14th street and end up at 27th street. Turn around and come on back. Just a mere 30 miles round trip but definitely worth it for the scenery and the hill work. Getting to eat lunch with mom in Salina was a great reward after all the climbing.

07 June 2010

Low mileage year

I made a committment to run outside on days I would normally ride
inside. (snow, rain, etc). As a result, my mileage is much lower than
previous years. I am 700 miles behind last years pace and 1,000 miles
behind 2008. But I have over 300 miles running. I plan to end with
3000 bike and 700 running miles.