31 July 2010

All by myself

Got out at 5:30am this morning for a quick 46 miles before work. Everyone was out of town or occupied so it was just me. Really glad I got out early, even at 6:00am I could tell it was going to be a super hot day. I would rate this route a low B. Two problems with this ride, the first getting out of town and second 119th street. Not a whole lot of room, or friendlies on this part of the ride. Rode it really hard going south and east. Traffic was pretty light until I got back into town. Arrived home at 8:15am, ride time was 2:44. Showered, got dressed, filled a bottle with chocolate milk, slammed a hammer gel, and commuted to work! Wasn't even late, had 10 minutes to spare. Looking forward to the guys getting back, taking tomorrow off.

Had a run-in with a 'neck in his truck with his power boat in tow. Got to thinking that maybe the next time someone cuts me off I should just do a little recon about what they like to do. Then go out and fuck with them at every opportunity while they are doing it. Unfortunately most people are just too damn stupid or too in a hurry to give a crap about anyone trying to get some miles in, so the point would be totally lost.

26 July 2010


Sunday July 25, 2010 a great man by the name of Rob lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He worked at the stand across from mine for almost 2 years. I learned so much from him as a mechanic, as a man, and a husband. Definitely a man to look up to. You fought hard my friend and I know you hurt so badly. Your selflessness in the face of your own death made me so proud to know you. The pain is gone Rob and I just know that heaven above has welcomed you with open arms.

Busy weekend

Quite active on the bike this weekend. Spent almost three hours with bike idiot north of the punkin patch in Butler county. Wind was a blowing and it was getting really hot. Wound up being a half hour late for work but getting 40 before work was well worth it. Sunday a good friend from K.C. came down to visit his folks. Hadn't seen him in several months so we took opportunity to ride and talk. Pre and post ride donuts are always a tradition. Just an awesome 2 hours of fellowship. Thanks dude! Sunday night little 3 brought me his shoes to let me know he needed some outdoor time. Got the stroller out and walked with him and K-Mac for an hour. Beautiful storm clouds developing all around last night. Went home, had dinner, and slept like a baby.

16 July 2010

13 July 2010

I stand corrected

Ok.  This is fucking cool.  The yellow and green Merckx is an exception to my rant earlier about yellow this and yellow that for a tour leader.

09 July 2010

Enough already

I don't mind when the next Tour winner rides into Paris on a yellow bike, with a yellow helmet, yellow gloves, yellow shoes, and yellow Oakleys. But when it happens during the first week, I get a little sick of it. That said, Thor's Cervelo looks cool with tasteful green highlights.

Cav and Cadel

I thought I hated Mark Cavindish.

Then I looked him up and realized he wasn't Cadel Evans. For some reason I don't like Evans. Maybe it is that his frog like face reminds me of Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter fame. Whatever it is, I don't like him.

Now if I could only stop getting Cav and Cadel confused. Must be the onset of some old age related thing or something.



Sometimes I am glad that our sport of cycling isn't as big in the US as basketball. What a circus with dumb-ass's "The Decision" show. It was the ultimate in self-glossing. His decision was fine - he doesn't own Cleveland anything and has every right to leave for Miami. The way he announced his decision was what showed me his character.

06 July 2010

2 recovery days

I had planned on riding today. I really did. I had the day off and was looking for 50 miles or so. But I am still fucking sore from my run in the Ozarks. Plus stage 3 looked like a fun stage to watch live. The stage didn't disappoint. Lance lost a minute, but it was exciting to watch. Back on the saddle tomorrow. I plan on endurance miles for tomorrow and then intervals on Thurs/Fri. I hope to get a group ride with #3/Brent on one of the days.


05 July 2010

Lake of the Ozarks run

I spent my 43rd birthday in the Lake of the Ozarks. I got up and did a 6 mile run. I was looking forward to the challenge of a run in the hills and was not disappointed. Total climb was 878 feet.
I went home for a shower and banana. Then the family and I did a 4 mile hike at Ha Ha Tonka state park. I spent Monday with The
ragesic on my calves and taking steps very slowly.

End of a recover week.

I suck at recovery rides. I even suck more at recovery weeks. It's go, go, Go, Go, GO, GO GO!!!fucking GOOOO when ever I ride. So I have decided to work on my recovery. I am scheduling a recovery week for today.

I like to use Theragesic on my legs when they really hurt. But the burn is too intense sometimes. I was directed to Mineral Ice. I bought a tub at Walgreens and love it. It is mild and works great after a ride and on rest days.


03 July 2010

Bike Log 02July Weight: 192.

I hate recovery weeks. Today I had the time for a 2-3 hour ride, but since it is a fucking recovery week, I limited it to just one hour. I rode with #3 from the shop, up to 13th, and out to Andover Road and back. 16mph pace. Food wise was a mixed bag. I did my usual dry cereal. Left over cajun pasta for lunch. The some G2 on the ride. Jimmy John's #5 for lunch. Cheezits at home. We went to my inlaws where I had a hamburger, beans, and too much 7 layer dip with Triskets. I guess it wasn't a mixed bag, it was just crap since lunch.