31 August 2010


Started riding road in the fall of 2007, with toe clips and straps. Quickly found an amazing deal on a pair of Speed-Play Zeros, which I purchased. Commuted for a year and a half on them. Really grew to hate them, because they aren't meant for commuting (DUH). Then I bought a commuter to save some wear and tear on the Madone, which had the Speed-Play pedals.

Phase two of the Zeros didn't go any better. Even saving it just for the road rides didn't help. I felt that power was being lost, along with potential, at every pedal stroke. So I grabbed a pair of Look pedals and tried them out. My mistake I realize now is that I based all fit issues with the Look pedals on my knowledge of the Speed-Play pedals. They are absolutely two different animals. So I tried the Look Pedals for two days. My knee was the size of a cantaloupe. So I figured that I was destined for the major float that the Zero pedals provided. So I switched them back suffering and enduring what I had come to despise.

Recently I broke my Madone, which was replace by a new one. The frame is super stiff. I felt like an absolute goof ball literally sliding around on my pedals with this stiff frame. Part of it was vanity, and part of it just didn't add up. How can I ride Shimano 520's with so little float and not have knee issues? So last night I thought about it really hard. I got out calculators and measuring devices. I drove my family crazy. I made the leap, I put the Look's back on. I kept my fit in mind and then rode 6 miles. Guess what my knee doesn't hurt! I feel faster and less goofy. My dream of riding delta style pedals will come true...Maybe.

and the rest week continues

I woke up with my back hurting. I mentioned yesterday that I hate recovery weeks. I took yesterday off regardless of the fact that I also took Saturday off. That means logging miles one day out of three, a rariety for me. I usually only take 1 day off a week, so two days off that close usually mess with me. I am supposed to do light riding all week, but I am thinking of putting in a long ride on Friday anyway.

Compare and contrast

Click the above link for an interesting story comparing two specialized bikes.

30 August 2010

I hate

I hate rest weeks. It seems like just when I get going, one of these nasty bastards pop up. Yeah, yeah, I know the importanct of them, but I tend to lose focus and become more irritable than usual.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from me this week.

29 August 2010

In case you were wondering.....

South Atlanta Route

Brent and I did the loop south of Atlanta. We left at 6:30 am and did it counter clockwise. I think we saw a total of 5 cars including a bubba in a truck who slowed and followed up around a corner until is was safe to pass. The road between Burden and Cambridge was baby butt smooth! Not a lot of climbing which was a disappointment. We did a steady and easy 15mph pace. There is a water stop in Burden, but none in Cambridge. #3 couldn't make it, so we hung crap on him during the ride.

26 August 2010


See at the corner of 1st and Grove.

22 August 2010

Test Ride

Wednesday I finally got the last piece of my warranty Trek frame. Trust me when I say it was a headache to get my pre 2008 Madone up to what Trek does now. Anyway finally took it out for its extended maiden voyage. Have to say I love this super wide bottom bracket. No flex no play just super solid. Little tweak in my knee still but I think its more of adjusting to the bike than a fit issue.

So the route was just a ton of work today. Looking at the elevation there is like only 70 feet of elevation change. On top of that, today had the kind of wind that just gives a bit of resistance. When the sun finally came up so did the wind, out of the east. Going home in to the wind kind of sucked but I still made it ok. Tired but totally worth it to try out the new bike.

09 August 2010

Heat Miser

Wow. It has been fucking hot out. Mr. Weather dude says triple digits
all week until Sunday, when the high will only be 95. I keep trying
to remember back in January last year when I said that I would never
bitch about the heat again, if only we could have a few days over 20