28 October 2010


After 4 weeks, 10 laps, numerous falls and 1 broken chainring; I am announcing my retirement from mountain biking. I think it is the intelligent of us who stand up and realize when they really suck at something and continuing to try will only lead to more agony, pain and frustration. I am sure I will take ribbings, be called a pussy; whatever. I can sleep at night knowing that I have made the right and proper decision for my well being.


27Oct ride report

I did 4 laps at Millers with #3 yesterday. It was a beautiful day, but a stiff west wind sucked the life out of us during the exposed sections.

3 kept throwing his chain and my bike decided it needed to get some of that thrown chain action also. I rode the Spec Overendz bar ends yesterday. I haven't ridden bar ends in 10 years. These should work great during the M4 ride.

I fucked up my wrist over the weekend somehow. Don't know how, but it feels like it's on fire.

25 October 2010

Latham Loop

Always fun to introduce a new cyclist to the Latham Loop. Just what I did on Sunday. Things went pretty well until we turned toward Atlanta. A physical ailment bubbled up, turned out to be a fit issue. Got that fixed and they found the second half much more enjoyable. Cadence instantaneously went up 20 rpms just due to seat height. Ride took awhile but what the heck, better to have a good experience than to have a too fast one.

23 October 2010

More broken parts

#3 snapped his large ring without wrecking at Miller's this morning. Nice junk, Shimano.

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22 October 2010

Miller's Training Ride

Did 6 laps at MIller's today. I was averaging just over 32 minutes a lap when you average stopping each lap to simulate water/pee/food stops. I am a bit sore and worry about the last 4 laps of 20. I assume I will be riding in the dark for the last few hours.


20 October 2010

Blog Traffic

I was messing around in the Stats section for the site and found the following hits by country:

United States 741
Canada 15
United Kingdom 6
France 2
Russia 2
Singapore 2
Mexico 1
Netherlands 1

I can only think all these users found us by mistake!


1x9 is sweet and ready to roll

I put a rear 9spd set up on the 29er yesterday in anticipation for the M4 ride. I am too much a wimp to do the ride on a SS. I was concerned about shifting off the front ring since the ride lacks a guard or any guides. I decided to hammer on a lap to see how it performed and was surprised to turn out a 22min 27sec lap with no shift or chain issues.

I was able to remove and install the rear speeds without taking the cable off which enabled a speedy conversion to and from the SS. Sweet!


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16 October 2010

Miller Time

Went to Millers this morning to prepare for the 14th of November.

Thought I had enough time for 4 laps but only rode 3 because it wasn't light enough until 7:15. Did ok today, definitely saw improvement over last week. Still having trouble on one section, scraped my knee just a bit. Broke 30 minutes for the first time (I've only done 6 laps ever), which was pretty darn exciting.

Lap 1. 30:00
Lap 2. 28:03
Lap 3. 26:35

15 October 2010


A quick observation from this morning's commute. When there are three gas service trucks lights ablaze there is no need to panic! Especially when the drivers of said trucks are outside smoking!

So recently I took up mountain biking again. Such a liar. I rode once. Had to shift pedals around leaving the 2100 sans pedals. I had a very used pair of Dura-Ace II pedals, the 7401. The same model Lance used for all his Tours, supposedly. Well as a recovering Speed-Play user, I'm not quite as good as Lance using these pedals. My learning curve for some damn reason is pretty long. I have no problem with my Look Pedals but these pedals have my ankles so bruised it isn't even funny. I feel so stupid looking down to make sure I have the correct pedal orientation but at least the bruising is going away!

This time of year is difficult to ride as well for us commuters. Digging out the larger bag is on tap so that you can carry home that extra 5 pounds of crap you had to wear. That extra 5 pounds that saved your butt in the morning, is the reason for that extra twinge in your back when you wake up in the morning. Such a necessary evil just for the privilege of not driving!

14 October 2010


This morning I was supposed to get up at 6:30 but little 3 woke up at 6. Mrs. 3 is off today so I decided to take the long way to work. It was 41 degrees when I left, seems like yesterday I was melting taking the back off the rack. Rode 23 miles using a mix of road and bike path. Worked really hard on keeping my cadence between 95 and 100. Wearing tights is definitely something I'm glad I don't have to do all year round. Just a heads up to everyone the Chisolm Creek Bridge in Park City at Broadway is STILL out. Have good mosh pitting!

Fall riding

This is the perfect weather for a 3 hour afternoon ride. But it sucks for morning or all day rides where you need to layer in the morning and shed as you ride.

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13 October 2010

Review: Fitdeck

I have added Fitdeck workouts to my routine. I am amazed how sore my legs are after a workout. It's apparent that cycling only works a part of my legs and additional strength training fracking hurts!

Fitdeck is a deck of cards with different workouts on them. It is different every time you use it.

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08 October 2010

M4 Ride

Information for the 1st Miller Maurader's Monster Mash ride are now available. Click here for more information.

06 October 2010

Gravel ride

Had a good ride this morning with #3 and had another rider meet us about 13 miles in. Route was great but I had problems with my knee and I was luckily able to get a bailout ride back to my car because otherwise it was going to be a long ride back. Thanks guys!