20 December 2010


I am more of a Twitter-length blogger. Not much time spent typing too many words. Here is the thought of the day: Thermafleece Pearl Knicker Bibs are the bomb!

19 December 2010

Beautiful Day

Today was wonderful. I did 18 miles on the road bike, my longest ride in a few weeks. I have spent most of the last 3 weeks on the MTB or running. It was nice, cool, and sunny. What a wonderful day.

16 December 2010

I'm in love

Yesterday did a 20 miler with BP out and around Leon Ks. Another meteorological mistake so the wind was blowing at 15-20 in stead of the gentle 9 it was supposed to be. Not a particularly hard route just cold and windy. We have been out plenty of times, so I knew that I was developing some deep feelings. Falling in love came on a short 2 mile stretch at the "top" of the square. We finally had a road orientating us so that we had a tailwind. I put in to the big ring and grabbed the drops and jumped HARD. The bike didn't so much as react but SNAPPED itself forward. In no time I was going 32 miles an hour with tears of cold (and joy) streaming down my face. It has been so long since I felt this way about my bike, not since the Madone broke this summer. My new love a 1994 Trek 2100! Downtube shifters and all, only 6 speeds in the rear, and 19 pounds. Not only am I back in love but I can't wait to cycle again. Been a long time.

13 December 2010

Time Away

I have spent some time away from the bike recently. All of my time has been running at Miller's. I find if it is under 30 degrees, I would rather be running than riding. I am about 150 miles from 4,000 for the bike, so I should hit that goal. I am 50 short of 500 for running, so I will probably miss that goal.

07 December 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Things are really tough right now. Last night K-mac looked at me and asked why aren't you a cyclist anymore? So I got my gear and rode to work today, the first miles I've had in 2 weeks. Things have been so different lately that everything in its place and a place for everything me couldn't remember where I left my helmet. Took me a half hour to find it. Hell I couldn't remember where I left the Surly until I looked in my trunk, where its been since the last ride with BP. Felt wonderful, cold as shit but wonderful.

03 December 2010

M4 wrap up

I think the ride was a success. We started at 7:07 am. Tim set up a heater and tent for riders to rest at. The Exchange and Pedaler both donated energy packs for riders to use.

The wind was strong and chilly with 30 mph sustained and 50 mph gusts.

Photo are available at: www.kephoto.smugmug.com and look for mountain biking. There is a link for downloading also. Thanks to Kent for all the photos.

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