18 February 2011

Medicine Park, OK

Last weekend my wife and I went, sans kids, to Medicine Park, Oklahoma. We had no plans except to get away and relax, so I was allowed to bring my Steelman road bike and the Vaya. I ended up getting in 2 runs and 2 rides. The first ride I took the Vaya and rode the Mt Scott bike and hike trail. It is an unimproved doubletrack trail that runs almost 6 miles around Mt Scott. It was very muddy and slick, so I had to walk more than I wanted to, and scrape mud off my tires and frame just so I could push the bike.
Mt Scott hike and bike trail
snowy patch on the trail
After getting back to pavement, I enjoyed the actual riding time instead of pushing time. As I rode past the base of Mt Scott they were just unlocking the gate, it had been closed due to snow. So I was able to ride up with no cars.
The next day I decided to ride the road so I didn't have to fight the mud. I rode up Mt Scott again. It went faster but was not as comfortable as the Vaya.

After I got back, I had to find my wife because she had walked downtown(about a block away). She got a picture of me riding across the walkway bridge. If anyone is looking for a getaway with great places to ride I would suggest Medicine Park. It is also right next to Ft Sill where they hold the Hills of Hell MTB race.

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  1. Is this where the Wichita people post rides ect???