20 April 2011

Go Dog Go

Sunday morning gravel ride

19 April 2011

Name change

Yes, I made another name change.  This one should stick.  Our Clan motto is "Complectus Dolor" which is Latin for "Embrace the Suffering"  A crest will be unvield soon.


When am I due to be turned in?

"The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community." -- Ann Strong, Minneapolis Tribune, 1895

Love this story

a tale from stage 17 of the 1986 Tour de France as related by Bob Roll. Greg Lemond kicked Hinault's ass on the Col de Granon and the only to get the riders down was by helicopter:
...I got to the steps to board and nearly froze. From outside in the bright sun, I couldn't see into the helicopter...

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness inside the 'copter, I saw that none other than Andrew Hampsten was seated directly across from me. "Whoa, Drew baby!" I practically jumped up at seeing a fellow American. "Andy, you slayed today," I exclaimed in glee. "Did you see LeMond crush these frog dweebs?" I asked.

Andy just kind of nodded, all subdued. As my adjusted further, right next to Andy sat Greg LeMond, gloriously clad in yellow. "Whoa!!" I jumped up for real and grabbed Le Mond by the shoulders, shaking him and screaming, "Greg, you beast! You got the yellow jersey man! You're going to massacre these Philistines." I sat down and said, "I was climbin' with Hinault, and all the Frenchies were pissed that you dropped his sorry ass."

Just then, my eyes fully adjusted to the darkness and there sat Bernard Hinault himself. Oops. I could've crawled udner my seat. "Hey Bernie, what's up?" was about all I could mumble. To make matters worse, the owner of the La Vie Claire team and one of France's biggest industrialists, Bernard Tapie, was sitting right next to Hinault. Tapie's script for Hinault to win his sixth Tour de France was about to be rewritten by LeMond.

The door was closed and copter blades started to howl. I looked straight at the drab olive wall and saw stenciled there in big white military letters, "Made in the USA." "All right, Tapie," I screamed, "you see this (pointing to the sign)? Made in the USA. Baby, everything is gonna be fine."

Tapie was not amused, but Greg, Andy, and me all started cracking up. Even Hinault cracked a little smile. We took off in a cloud of dust and the rest, as they say, was cycling history.

18 April 2011

Sunday's Ride

#3 and I had a great ride yesterday. It was a short 24 mile gravel ride in south eastern Segdwick county. We had the usual run of dropped water bottles (#3), riders showing up late (me), mechanicals (#3 - lost brake handle mount bolt), absent riders (wc), dogs, dirt, trains, sun, bike shop discussion, and sore legs.

What bikeidiot forgot to tell you was the uphill bike swap. No idea why but for some reason bikeidiot wanted to ride my crosscheck. So I saddled up on his 53cm Voodo and he rode my 58cm Surly up hill. Laughed the whole time!

15 April 2011

Tubeless Review


Now that I am over 40, the back doesn't recover like it used to. So, until they make user replacable, carbon-fiber, backbone upgrades, I have to find other ways to cope.  Enter my trail meeting with Tim Vogeli.  (Sorry Tim, I am sure I butchered your last name).  I was running Miller's as he was riding and we met along the trail. After talking about the proposed spring 2011 M4 edition, he mentioned how much more comforatable his CX bike was with a tubeless upgrade.  The best part is he installed Stan Raven's onto his current wheelset (Mavic Ksyrium) with just the addition of a rim strip, new valve, and Stan's No Flats. 

Well, since I have the same wheels on my VooDoo, I ordered a set of Hutchinson Pirinha Tubeless and went to converting.  I skipped the rim tape, installed tubeless valve stems and mounted the tire.

Well, I attempted to mount the tires.

It took both my son and I to get the outside bead to mount.  I have never had this much problem installing a tire. With the addition of a liberal amount of the No Tubes (and elbow grease) both tires were mounted.  After hitting 80lbs or so with the compressors I let both wheels think about what they had done (resisting the tire mount) and checked the next morning.  Everything looked good.

I did the initial ride on Pawnee, just east of Andover road.  The entire ride was about 20 miles or so and I was impressed.  Running at just over 40 psi the worst the gravel could dish out was mild vibrations. It felt like I was on a poorly paved road rather than a shit-bumpy Kansas dirt road.  Overall I am impressed and cannot wait for a longer ride.

On a side note, I think our energy companies can do a better job on trimming back trees than the massacare I saw five miles in.  Take a look at the photo. 

09 April 2011

New Bike Path Update

I rode the new link from I-135 to K-96 again. From start to finish, the entire trail is about 18.5 miles.  Here is a map of the new section.  I did a 30 miler today as a  fat-burning interval. That means 2 hours, 30 miles, no food when I get up and no food for the ride. Just water.  Ugggh.

07 April 2011

New Bike Path Review

A new bicycle path has been created.  It links the I-135 bike path to the K-96 bike path.  I went out earlier this week for a ride.  First off, the I-135 path runs from just north of Pawnee and I-235 up along Linwood Park, under Kellogg, past the Red Cross and then ducks under the elevated portions of I-135 until it terminates at 17th street.  The path winds about, is paved with asphalt and has it’s share of broken bottles.  It looks like new lights are being installed under the elevated sections.  At 17th street, the new path hops out from under the canal route and winds along the 21st street exit until it merges with the sidewalk.  It is concrete at the point, big old nasty 6x6 blocks of kaa-kunk sound effects as you ride along.  The 21st sidewalk has been replaced and expanded to accommodate increase two way traffic.  At Piatt Street, you must cross to the north side.  At the old Insitute of Logopedics, the path heads north through the old campus, skirts Gordan Park School on the west and heads back to the west, up around new housing and merges with the K-96 path in Adams Park.  At this point the path returns to ashphalt

All in all, it’s a bike path, so it sucks for bike riding. Broken glass, concrete, parking lot entrances, street entry/exits, and untrimmed hedges are all par for the course.  Unlike either of old path, this new path crosses lots of street and requries many starts and stops.

 Map on the way.

01 April 2011

Proposed M4 Spring 2011 route

The proposed route for the Spring 2011 edition of the M4 ride has been posted at: http://m4ride.blogspot.com/.  Be sure to pop over and let me know what you think.