31 August 2011

Intervals and the Zen of Cycling

The secret of any endurance sport is being comfortable with discomfort.  This, of course, will come as no revelation to any serious runner or cyclist. 

Once the difficult ride is over and the Advil and Mineral Ice are applied, the pain usually quietly and quickly exits the legs and the warm glow of soreness is all that is left as a reminder of the day's ride.  This soreness stays with the rider for the rest of the day. 

This soreness  feeds our soul. as the helmet is removed and turned over, the gloves and Oakleys tossed inside, and the straps hung on the drops.

The soreness lingers all day.  It reminds me of today's ride as I walk through Dillon's  shopping for bananas and whole grain pasta.  It reminds me to stop at two handfulls of Cheezits instead of half a box.  The soreness smiles as my friends complain that they don't have any time to work out.  Once home, the soreness wanes as the massage stick comes out.  Or the compression socks go one.  Or the Advil bottle is opened.

 It lingers until the next day when we don the bibs, click into the pedals, and head out on the next ride.

30 August 2011

Fit Test

Last Saturday I completed my first fit test in over 2 years.  The results were not good.  It took me a full 9:00 to cover the 3 miles.  In previous tests, I have covered this distance in as little as 8:00.  Granted the 8:00 mark was for an indoor ride.  But I've done 8:20 outdoors before, so I have some work to do to bring my fitness back in line with my expectations.

My average watts for the ride was 266, which puts my FTP at 239.  This is roughly inline with the data I pulled from one of my Mt Scott climbs.  In the climb in question, I pulled a 20:58 time with 190 max HR, cadence of 64 and average watts of 264 during the climb.  I am remember doing a 18' climb at Mt Scott, but cannot find the data file to prove it....oh well.

The end result is that I need to kick my training up to the next level.  I have sent my registration in for the Walnut Valley Metric.  I hear it is a hilly ride and I want to kick it in it's teeth.  The M4 comes just a month after that. I am already starting to look to the spring.  Anyone interested in the DK?

M4 ride

The latest M4 ride details have been posted.  Check them out at M4Ride.blogspot.com