28 September 2011

Slow down

Had a rough ride Sunday. Gave up swimming, biking and running on Monday. Canceled my frame order on Tuesday. Wednesday came face to face with the fact that as bad as I am at the three above activities, i'm even worse at being a couch potato. So.....

I gathered up my gear today and went out to Miller's. I decided to test a theory about my unhappiness. That being that my unreasonable expectations, foolhardy goals, and naivete about my fitness are at the root of my vacated soul. I mounted my bike today with one assignment, 2 laps. As long as it took me, no matter what, I would force myself to be positive with my results. Most importantly I WENT SLOW. Well I rode 2 laps and felt a little better. I felt a little more motivated afterward to have another ride someday. So......

I stopped at the Y and decided to swim 250 yards. Had my gear thought what the hell, in the name of science let's really test this theory. Again I would not worry about the time it took to complete this and be totally happy with my results. I also reminded myself to GO SLOW. Honestly after this part of the experiment I felt much better. I honestly felt like I hadn't done enough. A welcome complete turn from what I normally feel which is that I did too much.

Today's little experiment proved to me one thing that I am definitely not riding, running or swimming within myself. I think recognizing my abilities and not worrying so much about my goals will really help. Just doing should be enough and that is what I've lost sight of. Not everyone has the ability to swim, to bike, to run. I need to realize that the success to all of these activities is not measured in time but is instead measured simply by being granted the opportunity to do so.

The next challenge then? Finding the time to take the opportunity.

16 September 2011

SRAM project

This is a cool article. Look closely...the bike in this photo is made from SRAM bike parts.  Click the link to see more bike art.

14 September 2011

Two favorite times of the year - cycling news wise

I love Interbike time.  Interbike and the National Handmade Bicycle Show are two of my favorite things from a news standpoint.  There is so much coverage on VeloNews, BikeRumor, BikeRadar, Bicycling and other sites that I spend all day looking at sexy new stuff I cannot afford and don't really need.  Here are some of the coolest photos from both convenctions.

Probably the sexiest thing so for is this Swiss Cross from Ritchey.  I just love looking at CX bikes. Something about them says "I like punishing myself.  The rest of you are posers"  Also, check out the sweet steel 29er in the back ground. 

Next up this a cool 29er from Chris King. 

I'll never need one of these, but his one is cool to look at.

Yeah, I love snow bikes.  This one is a Ti model from Salsa

Another Chris King bike. 

I love the beautiful engineering of even a cassette.  This is a KCNC. 

Lugs!  Lugs! 

I kinda have a secret weakness for Retrotec frames.

12 September 2011


It has been 8 days since I took a very hard fall in Manhattan KS. The scabs are coming off but the bruised ribs are still there. I can't really tell you how the ride went, because it went all over. Felt wonderful to just get back out. I had my handy GPS so I had a reference but really just tooled around aimlessly. Rolled into the drive with an hour under my belt, and 11 miles, in the last week and felt like I'd accomplished something awesome.

The highlight of the ride was finally riding the bike path connecting Hillside with The I-135 (Canal) trail. Not really ideal for cycling, the path is sidewalk sized, but definitely a safe means to an end. I don't think that it makes any sense to cycle over to the entrance at Hillside now that 2nd street has been given a bike lane. Knowing that it is a car free option will definitely appeal to those who aren't comfy with four wheels whizzing about.

Review: Honey Stinger Gold Energy Packet

Energy Gel packets are a mix blessing for me.  They tend to work only for the first several hours of a century.  I am looking to mix it up with some other flavors.  For GU, I really only like the Chocolate.  Hammer Gels seem to have a funny aftertaste that just doesn't suit me. 

Now usually I only use an energy packet for a longer ride.  Never for just a one hour journey.  I was coming off a recovery day and felt tired and letharic. 

So yesterday I tried Honey Stinger - Gold for the first time.  I have to say that at first the smell made me look at the expiration date.  It reeked in a bad way.  But I was pleased with the taste.  Just like the name, it tasted just like honey.  The kick was good and quick.  No aftertaste, no dry mouth, it worked and I will take it with me on the M4 ride to test it on a longer ride. 

09 September 2011

Byron's new bike

Last night I was treated to a surprise. I rode the Gunnar down to Heartland Cycle for the Kansas Singletrack monthly meeting.  Now the first thing you should know is the Byron has a wonderful assortment of older bikes.  He has a Keith Bontrager BMX bike, a lugged older Moots, an IF cyclocross single speed, several old cruisers, as well as others.  Those are display bikes that are not for sale.  Recently Byron has become a stocking dealer for Gunnar and Salsa.  So I was pleased and surprised to see this at the front door:

First of all, the photos do not due this justice.  The tires are fricking huge.  I mean huge.  Byron let me take it for a spin in old town (in my socks as I had worn SPD-SL shoes to work)  and I was blow away at how smoothly it rode.  I rode over a concrete parking tire stop and barely felt it.  I didn't even pull up on the front as I rode over it.

The tires were huge.  Did I stress that enough?

Byron has SRAM paddles, SRAM front and rear and hydraulic brakes.  The moustace bar was a nice touch.

During the meeting I was forced to pet his 16 year old kitty.  The green stains on his paws were from several weeks ago when kitty spilled some spoke prep and walked through it. 

03 September 2011

Krash Kit

I recently took a spill on a MTB trail and ended up with a fun looking gash right across my knee cap.  Now usually I just make sure there isn't too much mud and crap and just push on.  But now that I am over 40 and don't heal as fast, I have taken to spending more time tending to wounds.  So I actually stopped and cleaned and dressed this wound.  The Krash Kit was perfect for this application.  It has everything you need and some thing I hadn't thought about.  Give it a look.  Here is an excellent site for treating road rash.

Along the same lines, there are three things I have added to my recovery kit. Besides Advil, I now have Mineral Ice, Theragesic, and Bag Balm.   


02 September 2011

I ordered some of this. I'll review after I've had a chance to try it out.


01 September 2011

The Simple Joys of a Commute

Ah...who can deny the joys of a morning commute?

Caffeine hides its head in jealous shame to the awe inspiring buzz which results from a massive infusion of adrenaline.  Cocaine dying wish would be alter alertness, increase motor functions, and effect energy like the effect of having a 5 ton truck pass within 18 inches of the drops. 

And this is saying nothing of all the friendly one fingered waves and shouted encouragement of my fellow human beings.  It is so heartwarming for them to take four seconds out of their busy days to interact with me. 

I arrive to work refreshed, fully awake, and eager to interact with my fellow co-workers.

Nothing beats the morning commute……