19 October 2011

Father and Son

These 2 were not part of the ride but seemed to know Tim Miller pretty well so I included them too.

Preparing for a dirty century.

First off, I love the words "Dirty Century" - it's seems vaguly porographic.  You can read all sorts of training articles abou how to traing your body for a century.  I'm not going to rehash this here.  Instead I am going to cover how I prepped some of my supplies and equipment for the ride. 

I did most of my prep on the day before while I grilled hamburgers and brats for lunch.  Dinner was homemade Pasta Carbonara. 

Last year I did a cooler filled with Gatorade.  I find the Gatorade heavy and too sweet deep into long rides, so I decided to try something different.  I ordered two bags of Secret Drink Mix. I comes in a silver, Apollo-era bag and I used an old spice jar to store the mix.

It worked wonderfully. It was light, not too heavy or sweet, and I found myself still wanting to drink late in the ride.  In the past, I would find that from mile 80-100 I would quit drinking and eating. 

I filled 8 waterbottles with the mix and a 2.5 gallon cooler with ice water for refills. 
I decided to attempt to avoid "energy" packets and focus on natural foods.  I did use a fewHoney Stinger Waffles and one package of  Sports Beans.  Otherwise it was all oranges, yogurt covered raisins, regular raisins, home-made cookie bars, trail mix, salty mix, and one baked potato. 

For pain relief I took a jar of Mineral Ice (my favorite!) , Bag Balm, Thera-gesic, Advil, and KT-Tape. I also brought some Mad Alchemy Embro, but it was warm enough that I didn't use any.   I only had to use Advil and Thera-gesic during this years M4.  I bought the KT-Tape because of an issue I have been having with a pulled tendon in my foot.  I've been having significant pain during rides.  The doctor said I should avoid running and I could bike if I could deal with the pain.  I half expected to struggle to finish the ride due to my foot issue. But I was surprised by the lack of pain.  I had a 'twinge' of pain on lap 12, but otherwise, nothing.

I rode a Niner Sir-9.  The muddy tires is from trail condition rides the day before.  On Sunday's ride, the trail had dried completely.

The Niner is usually run as a 32x16 single speed.  For the M4 I added a SRAM X-9 and 12-34 gearing. I thought about taking the X0 off the Stumpy, but decided against it. 

The Fox and Mavic Wheelset performed flawlessly.  I did have to add air between laps 19-20 in the rear.  The Python's dropped air pressure to 20psi sometime late in the ride. 

 I added an older 9speed X0 shifter for the ride.  Brent talked me into these bar ends for last years ride.  I haven't done bar ends for over 6 years, but I loved them so much I left them on the bike and bought a 2nd set for the other 29er.
  A good luck chi-chi.

All the clothing and suppies went into a set of Eagle Creek Toy Chests (no longer made).

Everything nice and neat in the back of the 4Runner.

End result!

18 October 2011

M4 Wrap

The 2011 M4 ride is all done. Click here for the wrap.

09 October 2011

Shin splints

You know I've dabbled a bit with running. I have neither the history of wc nor the speed of bikeidiot. Running was always a punishment to me and for me. I was very heavy in grade school and (love him or hate him) Ronald Reagen decided how much and how far I should run through his President's Physical Fitness crap. I sucked at all of it, no more so than running. I stayed away as long as I could. In high school, I had a knee surgery which gave me the perfect excuse not to run. I babied that knee until 2011. Years of never putting one ounce of energy into running and I said up for a triathlon. I did it and I still wasn't a runner. I took 8th in my first trail 5k and I still wasn't a runner. I'm a fucking cyclist dammit!

Then life changes and you realize that maybe those dramatic sweeping statements you have been making about you, yourself, your life and who you think you aren't worth the breath you wasted to say them. So I started running again. Not to show myself that I wasn't a runner or that I was a cyclist but to run, because it's easy. Before anyone screams a giant WTF? let me explain. I can leave my house after dressing for 5 seconds, and get mileage immediately. The workout is more intense as well, and overall is just much more efficient for cardio. Plus I'm kinda good at it too. Not like in a wow raw talent way but in the way that if you put some effort into it you could be a bit more than adequate. See splitting hairs can make anyone great! So I've got 8 miles in so far in the last 10 days. I won't have any more until November, if I'm lucky.

Today's two miles were completed with excruciating pain. More pain than I'd ran through the previous 6. Cycling has built my well of suffering and I thought things were normal. Until today, even I knew it wasn't normal. I suspected a serious problem in the varus tilt of my foot. I called up GoRun Wichita to see if they had any support, literally, for my issue. I got to speak to Randy Mijares who is owner of the shop and also a practicing physician. He was very interested in my situation because well he cared, I could tell just over the phone. Randy invited me down immediately to have a look at my problem. Pressing along the the inside of my shin, he pinpointed with great accuracy my most painful area. Then he found 4 more areas. So he ruled out the whole stress fracture thing, because the area was too large. Randy also checked my shoes and well I'm all growed up and have inherited the same problem my mother had with me as a child. I will flat wear out a pair of shoes and very fast. The current Brooks have no where near the amount of miles to even be considered worn out. Yet there I was staring down the barrel of my sole, destroyed in considerably less time. Mom will sure be glad she isn't replacing my shoes anymore.

I am so thankful that Randy was there today. He not only gave me good advice but also a runner's skill to keep me running when this heals up. I will definitely be going back for my next pair of shoes. It was still quite shocking that the shin splints were on only one leg. His best runner's advice, take short walks from room to room on your heels. This helps strengthen the connective tissue. Randy also coaches the youth team and they are religious followers of the heel method, 1 of them demonstrated for me tonight. I tried it at home tonight and my pain was greatly abated.

Here is a quick and hand link for everyone.