29 November 2011


As recently as a month ago I was celebrating my new bike. I bought a 2012 Specialized Crux frame and man was it awesome. It satisfied my goals of being lighter, and more dependable than sliding dropouts. Now I'm in an immobilizer up to my left knee, the result of 200 pounds striking the ground on a very regular basis. Well the running is definitely out but I was medically cleared to cycle and I did, just once. The same pain that intruded into my walking and sleeping had sneakily crept into my cycling. So I'm sitting this winter out folks, until I'm better. Swimming is my new friend and even that hurts if I push off too hard from the wall. I'm taking the time now so that I can enjoy so much more those warm temperatures come spring and summer. So if I'm off the bike that means I won't be writing! Nope sorry, I'll still pop in to bug the shit out of everyone about something!

November Thoughts

First off, I am losing my hardman title.  I have started to puss out with the cold weather.  I am still out, but running instead of cycling.  Today I am recommitting to being an idiot and riding, riding, riding.  (embrocation, your my friend.)

Second, I wanted to say that Stan's Sealant is the shit. I went to Chapin Park on the CX yesterday.  I rode across the grass looking for the trailhead and then spent some time up and down the river.  After reacquiring concrete, I removed over 10 goat heads from both tires.  In 5 cases I heard the hiss of air and saw the spray of sealant.  I simply spun the wheel and all was good!