22 December 2011

Running Gear

Today’s run stats:  5.5 miles, 55 minutes.  Cold, wet, windy (20-30) run. 33 degrees with 15 wind chill.  Quad was on fire the whole time after last nights soccer game.  I have one more week of slower runs then I start intervals to regain lost speed.

I ran a new route at McConnell.  I thought it was a closed route since it was near the firing range, but it's open.  The road was a mixture of asphault and some dirt/mud.  It empties out south of the bomb dump and I am back out on base roads close to the 2 mile mark.  All in all a 4 mile loop.

I am a gear nerd.   Here is today running kit:

Pearl Izumi trail shoes
Smart Wool medium weight hiking socks
Mad Alchemy medium heat embro
Under Armour boxer/briefs (protect vitals from embro)
Pearl Izumi AMFIB tights
Patagonia thermal top
KANG moisture wick running shirt
Pearl Izumi fleece lined jacket
Marmot fleece lined windshirt
iPhone w/Shure headphones
Garmin Forerunner 210
Bag Balm (spread over face)
Pearl Ninja Mack
Smartwool skull cap
Oakley Flak Jackets

20 December 2011

What the hell

I don't know what the hell this is, but I want to ride over it.

Source:  http://www.bikerumor.com/page/2/


07 December 2011

KSS Tweets

Bobby at KSS had a few tweets with some good links for riding on wet trails (dont') and other MTB
etiquette.  I liked the one about how to not get sick.  Also see IMBA's rules.

06 December 2011

Run Report

Slow pace again.  It's treacherous running at Miller’s and worse in the snow.  Fell once and thought I might have done more quad damage.  I was able to walk it off and finish the run.  Miller's is beautiful in the snow. 

Are we snobs?

Not really. At least I'm not. 



Prairie Travelers

Prairie Travelers need some help with petitioning elected representatives for expansion of the Rail to Trails from Andover to Augusta.  Please visit http://www.prairietravelers.org/ for more info.

05 December 2011

First run

So I had planned on trying out the embrocation\bag balm in the cold today. It was a 27 degree day with 20mph winds.  I put on the medium heat Mad Alchemy, slathered my face in bag balm and headed out with only my fleece bibs on.  Crap.  1/4 later I turned around and headed back.  My legs and face were fine, but there is now wind block on the fleece so my groin/butt was COLD! And I am not about to slather embro on those areas.

Instead I pulled on a pair of AMFIB, put up the bike and headed to Miller's for a run. The area was too muddy for biking and really just slightly too much for a run.  10 degrees cooler and a frozen ground would have been better.  But I got 3.25 miles in without any pain in my leg.  The good this is I ran without a wrap, no ibroprofun, no pain killers, nothing.  I'll see how I feel tonight. 



"I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow" The Sufferfest

Just in case you get bored on your trainer catchy mantra, tons of praise.

04 December 2011

It works!

My leg works.  I have felt much better the past three days and today was my first ride since my quad tore 5 days ago.  I only rode 10 miles and no hammering.  I can't say I felt strong, but I didn't feel injured.
While one the ride I tested a new theory about cold weather riding.  The way I see it there are five issues with riding in cold weather:  mental, head, feet, hands, and body. 

For mental blocks see this.  

The body thing is easily fixed with tights and jackets.

I have struggled with feet, but finally went with insulated shoes.  I always fight winter gloves. 

They are bulky, have now padding so my hands go to sleep and once your hands are cold, they are toast.  Enter Bar Mitts.  They look stupid but really work.

My head is easily kept warm with Smartwool skull caps and a few Cannondale ninja masks.  I can layer and strip as needed.  But the difficult problem area is my face.  If you cover your mouth and nose your glasses fog and once the mask gets wet the rest of the ride is miserable.  Oakley snow goggles work ok, but they restrict vision.  I love using embrocation, but would never put the stuff on my face. 

Enter Bag Balm.  I purchased this stuff based on a Bicycling.com recommendation for wet weather riding.  I wondered if it would help protect my face from cold.  Call it a non-warming embrocation effect. 

Today's ride was sunny, 37 degrees with a wind chill of 30.  I figured a recovery ride into the wind would put 26 degree wind chill on my exposed face.  Normally I would ride in a skull cap and ninja mask. I slathered my face with the stuff and hit the road with only a skull cap.  I noticed right away that the exposed areas on my neck and ears that I missed were chilled but my cheeks, nose, and forehead were not.  They were not warm, but not cold either.  I rode 40 minutes with no chilling noticed on my face.  Fucking A!  I don't know how a 2 hour ride would do, but I am excited to try this some more.


Daily Mile

I struggle with keeping a log.  Everything I had read from the Training Bible to Racing Weight to The Ultimate Ride  all stress the importance of this.  I've purchased trainig logs, typeset my one, and even used a moleskin for a while.  I've swapped between digital and paper based, using TrainingPeaks as well as dozen of iPhone apps and even Garmin Connect and MapmyRide.  I still use Training Peaks to schedule workouts using the Virtual Coach and Annual Training Plans features. 

But I have never stayed with anything.

Today I am trying a new online service called DailyMile.  It seems like a facebook/twitte site for logging workouts.  

03 December 2011

Riding regardless

I needed to ride today, but unfortunately the weather decided to disagree with me. The ride started out pretty good. It was in the low 40's and looked like it would rain but was not raining yet. There was some drizzle off and on but nothing big. I fought the wind heading south and all was well. Then about 11 miles to go, it started pouring. At that point I started wondering at what point rain is considered a downpour. Rode the last 11 miles home, soaking wet and getting fairly cold. After I got home it only took about 2 hours to feel warm again. But I got my ride in.

01 December 2011


I tore my quad on Tuesday night playing indoor soccer with people half my age.  Hurt like a bitch but I made all my shifts and finished the game.  But that evening was a lesson in pain.  I have had soreness and discomfort from hard workouts and can usually deal with most small injuries.  That and many broken bones and other issues have given me a high threshold, but I had difficulty with this one. No matter how I placed my leg, the pain was constant and at a rather high level.  But I have no one but myself to blame, so no more bitching! 


Hello there again friends. You know as a cyclist, I just am not able to put away that thing called cycling as easily as my previous post mentioned. So yesterday I took out to Millers' Meadow. Aghast are you? Isn't that the worst thing for my ankle and my heel? Probably but I'll explain. I have one gear and it is a much slower experience on trail for me. So less gears and slower. Did two laps and I discovered not depths of pain but a huge discovery about my injury. My injury is in fact a proper cycling technique apparatus! I discovered the key to turn my injury into an asset very early on. I now know when it hurts! When properly spinning, smoothly and without jerking there is no pain. When I'm pedaling squares or getting out of phase with that perfect circle, it hurts like a sum-of-a-beatch! I'll still take it easy but it would appear that my hibernation, at least with cycling, has come to an end before it even began. Now I just need to get back into some kind of shape, yesterday REALLY frickin' hurt. So look for me out there somewhere, I'm the one crawling back toward good form!