24 February 2012

Rosalia loop

I took the day off today and decided to go for a long ride. #3 and I have ridden most of this route before but we missed a turn so I decided to try it again while actually paying attention to the map. It was a great route. I saw the road that I was supposed to take and it looked like it was going straight up. The road to the right is the one I took. Of course I couldn't take the easy way out!
After this climb I was on a pasture road in the middle of nowhere. There was one way in and one way out. I had to cross 4 streams on this course but was able to keep my feet dry, which was good since it was about 30-40 degrees.

I had a blast riding with the wind for a stretch but then I had to turn into the wind. At least I had a great view.

I went past this road and it actually had a road sign! I will have to come back and explore this later.

I was having problems with my right leg going numb, so the end of the ride was not very enjoyable but it was still a fun ride.

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  1. Happy birthday big boy! Ever since we rode it the first time I've wanted to come back. Believe it or not it was way back in September of 2010 that we did that ride! Can you believe it? Now one of us has made it back to holy ground. Awesome!