11 July 2012


Stava has been in the news recently for the wrong reasons.  I

I've never had an issue with having an opinion about things I don't know about.  Strava seemed to me to be another social media, look at me,  think.  But I was looking for some motivation to ride in the heat yesterday and thought I would give it another look.  (Caution....don't let me become a Stravasshole!)

I got my ass kicked on the first segment.  It's a 0.3 mile sprint climb from Pawnee southbound on Greenwich.  Basically you sprint to the buddist temple at the top of the hill.  I managed 23.1 mph during the climb but the KOM set a blistering 29.1 speed.  Shit.

But I was able to feel slightly better on my next attempt.  This climb is west bound on Pawnee from basically the Miller's parking entrance to the top of the hill 1.3 miles away.  The previous record was 20.0 mph and a 4:03 time.  I set a 23.8 mph and 3:24 climb. 

Strava is sorta cool I guess.  It's rather low maintenance.  Simply download the Android or iPhone app, create an account, record your ride and save for an auto upload.  The software checks your route and automatically records your time on existing segments.

But I already know I am a borderline poser and most of these times were probably set by individuals on comfort road bikes anyway.  But regardless I think it would be fun to have WC and #3 create some segments on their rides.  But don't tell Daniel because I don't want to cry.  Speaking of crying, there is a segment at Miller's.  KOM is Kevin Collins with a time of 20:53.  But he is a freak, so there you go. 

I think it is more useful for setting your own times and checking them against yourself.

I set a few segments to check times on my usual weekday rides.

Sierra Hills
Black Flag Sprint Climb
Picket Fence Sprint Climb
Greenwich Stop Sprint Climb

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  1. I know the KOM on that first segment... big-time cat1 mtb/cat2 or 3 roadie from OK, crazy fast guy. He was in town for some kind of training at McConnell, decided to go KOM hunting while he was here :).

    If it makes you feel any better, that time at Miller's was over a year ago & the best I can manage now is 21:something...