13 September 2012

2012 M4 Ride Details Posted

We are up and running for the 2012 show.   The ride will be Sunday, October 21st. 

Here is the proposed TShirt design:

I'll have prices soon. 

Rules are the same as before:

The ride will be 21 laps at Miller's Meadow

1. The ride is 21 laps long, or 100 miles. This is not a race. No time or placing information will be kept.

2. Riders can ride solo or as part of a team. Teams can be one, two, three, four, or five or more riders.

3. For team riders, a member must be on the trail at all times. Riders can split the number of laps up amongst themselves as they see fit.

4. Each team or solo rider will need to keep track of their own laps.   

5. The ride starts at 7am

6. Riders are not required to stay at the trail when team mates are on the ride. You are welcome to make a trip to QT for drinks and food.

7. There is no cost for this ride. It is unsanctioned and unsponsered. It is a show and go. All riders accept responsibliity for themselves and their ride.

8. A T Shirt will be made available. Pricing and design are in the works.

9.  Sign up via email at bikeidiot@cox.net. Put "M4 Ride" as your subject line. Please include your team name and team members with email address for all riders.

10.  The ride is unsupported.  I'll bring a floor pump but otherwise don't expect any mechanics or anything to be around. 


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  1. Bummer. Same weekend as one of the Tour de Dirt races in OKC... maybe they'll get rained out!