20 March 2012

Run Rabbit Run

Had the pleasure of getting out 4 laps of sweetness at Miller's this weekend. Things looked really bleak that any riding would occur. With the impending rain I was stressing. Things worked themselves out and the opportunity was taken. 3 laps of happy, not really pushing, just enjoying it. The 4th lap brings us to the topic at hand, what I will forever call Run Rabbit Run.

This is a phenomenon that must be experienced, your lap times will go through the roof! Your heart will explode. Accolades may be voiced your way. I've talked to Jeff, who could simply thrash your ass at will, and he too has experienced this. Usually you are out at Millers just riding along (JRA). You look behind you and some fuck with a menacing look or a delicious grin is behind you at some distance. You make eye contact and you might get a smile but usually a slight hunkering down by the rider. This is the wolf, you have just become his prey. Now comes the super fun part! Work his fucking ass off! Getting caught or not, you have to make it interesting. Do it right and you can stay off the front. Personal best lap times are almost always assured. Run Rabbit Run.

So my Sunday R3 went amazing. The chase started about 1/4 mile in, one of the longest R3's I've ever done. I was pretty worried about this one, he was gunning for me with his whole body. Most people seeing my vast body on my single speed gives them the presentation of an easy mark. So I fucking took off. I didn't see him again after exiting the hedgerow. This R3 was a rarity in that the wolf gave up. I saw him sotto pedal on to another lap. The rabbit had won!

You may be asking, aren't we all the wolf sometimes? Nope I can honestly say I don't go out to Miller's with carnivorous intent. Hell I stopped and helped the little kid who got stuck in the log crossing. Know why? Because I don't want him to fucking hate this anymore than I do. I don't have time to be the prey, being a trail ambassador is so much more in line with my personality.

04 March 2012

I voided my warranty today

I had always joked with friends and co-workers about that little warranty claim from bicycle companies. You know the one that says you do anything but leave your bike in the garage voids your warranty. Today I went to the Kansas State Fairgrounds and did one of those things you aren't supposed to do, race your bike. Harley's in Hutch and Bike Tek in Salina were hosting the Salina Regional Medical Health Center Criterium (Crits). Quentin, Daniel, Brie and I all met up. Quentin and I were racing for the first time in our lives. Daniel, though out of shape, had done this a bunch of times. 25 minutes later, I had circled the .7 mile course about 8 times. It was windy and I rode horribly but I finished. Had a ton of fun, unsure if I'll ever do it again but I can say that I did it once. Quentin rode a great race, pipping the guy ahead of him at the line for 5th place. Daniel finished 4th in the 3/4 category. I even got to help him out. During his race he flatted. I quickly ran to the car and got my front wheel. He was able to continue, although he was told he couldn't contest the sprint finish. Pretty good for someone who hasn't seriously done the road bike thing since November.