31 October 2012

25 October 2012

M4 Wrap up

Read the 2012 M4 wrap up here

18 October 2012

Defend Lance?

Well that was quick.

In one day Lance lost his Foundation and sponsorships from Nike, Giro, Budweiser, Honey-Stinger, and Trek.  At least Oakley didn't jump off the fire truck on the same day. I fully understand and support a sponsor's decision to drop an athlete when it no longer suits their needs.  But everyone on the same day makes the same decision?  It appears Nike went first and then everyone else jumped ship as soon as they could. There must be only so many lifeboats and the last one off drowns.  It appears it is Lance's own damn fault anyway. 

On a side note this shirt used to be for sale at Pedal Pushers.  It was also pulled yesterday.  Man, when it rains.....