14 February 2013


Monday morning was a bit chilly, a little windy, a little gusty.  It was also my brand spankedy new day off.  A ride was of course most in order.  I didn't really feel amped to go, but I was excited none the less.  Wound up doing about 32 miles on pavement, riding my trusty single speed south from my house.  Riding in and around Derby on a single speed is pretty tough, especially given the shape that I'm in.  My goal this year is to get better at dressing correctly and I achieved that very well.

Then I got home got some grub and went to take a shower.  The stink was coming off just fine until my right quad suddenly started to cramp.  I threw that sucker behind me so that I could stretch it and well WHAM!  I struck my heel directly on the faucet.  I suffered a laceration to my heel and I can't run until this fucker is healed.   A cautionary tale about stretching in the shower.

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