26 February 2013

Last Saturday

Zimmerly ice field looking west
Cross Bike re purposed for snow use

The mortgage was due and I was sick of not riding.  One problem the only bike NOT snowed in was my CRUX! Put the PSI on the 700x45's down to 35 and hoped for the best.  I learned in college that riding in this crap is low and slow.  Only had one mishap in 7 miles, better than staying inside that's for sure.  After that I worked on my "snow project" for the day.

Cleared out my parking spot on the street

Cleared the sidewalk, duties of homeowners!

That took all of an hour and a half.  After swimming this morning, my back would say that I had worked out three times that day!

22 February 2013

21 February 2013

Winter Workout


Spent 2.5 hours shoveling myself and a neighbor out.

No cycling today.  I spent the day using the snow blower and pulling #3 ass out of the snow.

Here are two photos of past rides.

Snow day

I was playing in the snow with the girls and decided to trying riding the NB. It didn't last but 4-5 minutes but I did discover how much is too much snow on skinny tires.

20 February 2013

Ghost Pirates in my GPS

My new Garmin 810 gives weather updates. Take a look at what it told me today while riding near Air Cap park. I had no idea Cheney Lake was large enough to form hurricanes!

14 February 2013

Not enough teeth

I hit Miller's today and planned on making 4 laps. It was apparent that the 4 months off the bike zapped my length strength. I had trouble with the 16th rear cog about 3/4 of the way in. I started my 2nd lap and bailed. After a quick drive home I slapped an 18 on and headed out to Air Cap. I've had issues there with the single speed due to the twists and rock. Today I only had two dabs and feel that with the 18 I can clean everything on my next trip out.


Monday morning was a bit chilly, a little windy, a little gusty.  It was also my brand spankedy new day off.  A ride was of course most in order.  I didn't really feel amped to go, but I was excited none the less.  Wound up doing about 32 miles on pavement, riding my trusty single speed south from my house.  Riding in and around Derby on a single speed is pretty tough, especially given the shape that I'm in.  My goal this year is to get better at dressing correctly and I achieved that very well.

Then I got home got some grub and went to take a shower.  The stink was coming off just fine until my right quad suddenly started to cramp.  I threw that sucker behind me so that I could stretch it and well WHAM!  I struck my heel directly on the faucet.  I suffered a laceration to my heel and I can't run until this fucker is healed.   A cautionary tale about stretching in the shower.

Bike Rumor Pic of the Day

Hey! Our blog made BikeRumor.com's pic of the day. The ride is up in the PowderKeg area in the big ditch, just south of the K-96 overpass.

12 February 2013

11 February 2013

New North Route

5.8 mile loop north of McConnell

New and improved Monday's!

Riding single speed in and around Derby is very challenging.


Another Sunday, Another mileage milestone.

Messing with Garmin Connect

07 February 2013

Rainy Run

After 3 days on the bike, the rain had me running today.

06 February 2013

5 at 4

Woke up at 330 this morning.  Alarm was set to go off in 2 hours.  Run day.  Argued with myself for a half hour before deciding to run.

04 February 2013

An Athlete's Car

Elbow really stiffened up on the ride. First ride over 10 miles since injury. Felt good to ride!

03 February 2013


Running Miller's under 50 minutes

Bagel 6

Wife wanted a bagel, got it by bike.

02 February 2013

Sat. Class


1600 today's goal was 1200. 

Saturday Run

3.5 miles

Delayed post

My running has not been going well lately so I haven't felt like posting. But on Wednesday afternoon, I ran 7.5 miles and the ankle discomfort I was having was bearable enough to run. So here is a picture from that run.
Then last night, the girls were out shopping so I was able to ride in the dark. They are rebuilding a bridge outside of town and I didn't realized how much I use it until it's not there. The fun part is that if you carry your bike, you can hop across some rocks that go across the river. Though it is slightly more nerve racking when it is below freezing out. This only shows you about halfway across the river.
And here is a picture of my bike in the dark.