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East Sedgwick County:  Here is a map showing paved roads that are realitivly safe for cyclists.  A few notes:
1.  Andover road between Rose Hill and Kellogg has been a very scary ride for me.
2.  Pawnee from Greenwich to Andover road is getting busier, but is still better than Harry.
3.  Central and 21st are ok at times on the weekend.
4.  Harry and Andover is currently closed due to construction (August 2010).
5. Greenwich north from Harry to Kellogg is one way due to construction and should be avoided.
6. Greenwich from far south to far north is a good safe route except from Harry to 13th.

Further SE of Wichita:  There are some nice, low traffice routes out this way. 
1.  Just West of Rock KS, County Road #2 has 2 miles of dirt.
2.  The water stop at Rock KS is sometimes closed.
3.  SW 210 is currently closed due to construction from SW Butler Road to Douglass, KS.
4.  Atlanta and Latham have no water stops that I have found.
5.  The liquior store in Douglass is not bike friendly.  Apparently some cyclists opened a bag of ice in the ice cooler in the parking lot without permission and the owner is not very happy with cyclists in general. 
6.  There are more paved roads out here, this is just the ones that I have personally ridden.  If you have a map of other roads, please email me at

NE of Wichita: Paved roads NE of town
1. There are limited water stop.  Kechi has none, but I haven't ridden there in a while.  Park City has several, but they aren't marked.
2.  Santa Fe Lake Road ends at 254 in a dirt road headed north.  It is a good up and back with low traffic.
3.  Andover road just north of 254 has a bridge under construction and is impassable (August 2010).

NW of Wichita

Here is the Kansas Dept of Transportation Bicycle Information Page
More to come